Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to make the first week work!

The plan has come together - and this is how we make week 1 work! 

Ryan is working on our workout plans and I've been reviewing recipes for the winners.  Several recipes are things I just throw together; meatballs, egg muffins, etc.  Some are from Everyday Paleo - and those always seem to be really tasty.  Future weeks will probably have more new recipe adventures!  I haven't included snacks, which for us typically includes small amounts of nuts, some fruits (both rules compliant) or raw veggies and the occasional Larabar.

Monday 2/7Tuesday 2/8Wednesday 2/9
Breakfasteggs & baconegg muffins w/ vegegg muffins w/ veg
Lunchtaco salad bowlcaribbean seafood stewmeatballs w/ zucchini noodles
Dinnercaribbean seafood stew x2meatballs w/ zucchini noodlessalmon cakes on mixed greens
Cook for future• egg muffins w/ veg
• meatballs
xbeanless chili• stufffed peppers
·   Warm-up
·   Superset:  Squats/Hanging leg raises
·   3 Minutes on the Row Machine
·   Superset:  Dumbbell Bench Press/Dumbbell Rows
·  3 Minutes on the Row Machine
·  Superset:  Dumbbell Bicep Curls/OverheadTriceps Extensions/Dumbbell Shoulder press
·  3 Minutes on the Row Machine
·  Superset:  Medicine Ball Abs/Back Extensions
·  3 Minutes on the Row Machine
·  Core Holds
·  Cool-down stretch.
Treadmill interval workout

Thursday 2/10Friday 2/11Saturday 2/12Sunday 2/13
Breakfastsalmon cakes & eggsstuffed pepperpaleo pancake with blueberry sauceeggs & bacon
Lunchstuffed pepper & veggieschili & veggiesleftover chicken and veggiesmulligatawny soup
Dinnerchili & sweet potato friesroasted chicken and coconut milk braised collard greensmulligatawny souproasted beet, kale and shrimp salad
Cook for futurex• chicken stockx• crab cakes
• grill chicken breasts
·  Warm-up
·  Superset:  Lunges/Hanging leg raises
·  5 Minutes on the Stair Stepper
· Superset:  Bench Press/Cable Rows
·  5 Minutes on the Stair Stepper
·  Superset:  Barbell Bicep Curls/Skull Crushers/Barbell Upright Rows
· 5 Minutes on the Stair Stepper
· Superset:  Scissors Abs/Back Extensions
·  5 Minutes on the Stair Stepper
·   Core Holds
·   Cool-down stretch.
Cardio-Medley:  Interval Training
· Warm up
· Superset:  Dead lifts/Push ups
· Superset:  Jerks/Lat Pull downs
·Superset:  Rope slams/Lunge Box Jumps
· Superset:  Overhead lung walk/Medicine Ball Abs - Passing
· Superset:  Triplethreat abs/Back extensions
· Cool down stretch

Can't wait to start executing on the plan!

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