About Us

We’ve been living our paleo dream together in Chicago since April 2010.  Ryan first dabbled in paleo when living with a cross-fitting roommate back in 2009, but it didn’t stick as a long term commitment.  Stacey finally read The Paleo Diet in early 2010 and it just made sense, it clicked.  So once we began cohabitating, our paleo commitment was on!

We were living paleo about 80/20 until February 2011, when we decided to do our own 45-day paleo challenge and follow our rules 100%.  That was a great experience and since then we probably run about 95/5 in terms of sticking to our rules. 

During our 45-day challenge is also when we started blogging about our paleo experiences.  Here you will find a little of everything, from self-experimentation results to new favorite recipes and paleo restaurant finds.