Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day and Our Sleep Plan

Thanks to #SNOMG - 2011 we were asked NOT to come into work today.  Not that we would've been able to anyway, but it's nice to know our companies care about our safety.  Growing up in California, I've been amazed by the blizzard.  The window has ousted the TV for my attention.  I secretly want to venture outside to "see what it's like," but the desire to leave the house is quickly thwarted when I see another humanoid miserably trudging down the middle of the street because snow on the sidewalk is several feet deep.  Regardless, I still plan to take advantage of my 2 favorite "non-workday" benefits:  1) sleeping in, and 2) the opportunity to go to the gym during the day to avoid crowds.

Snowfall is still expected to last till the afternoon so we're planning to wait till it dies down to walk to the gym.  It might not be a midday workout, but it should still be super-empty.  In terms of sleeping in, we nailed that.  Not sure if it was the natural white-noise from the storm, or the extra glass of wine, but I slept better than I have in weeks and am full of extra energy.  Better make it to the gym just to stay sane!

Actually, sleep is going to play a large part in our 45-day challenge.  To me, the chapter discussing sleep was one of the more interesting chapters in The Paleo Solution.  Sleep has never been part of my health/fitness considerations, but it is now.  It makes sense.  Our paleolithic ancestors arose with the sun, and went to sleep not long after sundown.  Why should we be any different?  

When we start our 45-day challenge, we're also planning to get on a consistent sleep schedule.  Here's our plan:
  • Determine exactly how many hours of sleep we need each night (we're assuming it'll be around 8)
  • Get to bed earlier
  • Wake up earlier on the weekends (to maintain a consistent circadian rhythm)
  • Completely blackout our entire room (our blackout blinds should arrive soon)
  • Limit how much caffeine is ingested, and how late it is ingested

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