Monday, January 31, 2011

I love it when a plan comes together

We are officially one week away from the kick off of our paleo challenge! Honestly, it can’t get here fast enough and I find myself questioning why we are waiting to get seriously serious. But, this does provide time for planning – which I love to do.

Aim high in steering. This is the primary piece of advice that my drivers ed teacher provided and the only one that I really remember. The concept being that if you look far enough ahead on the road where you are going, you will stay on the right track to get there. That advice helped me pass my drivers exam and I think it will help us successfully complete our paleo challenge.

I am working on planning our menus for weeks 1 and 2, and referencing them against our workout plans. The goal is to plan time to cook extra food on days we don’t workout, so the days we do have big workouts – I am not stressing about getting home to make a nutritious, healthy and satisfying paleo dinner.

Ryan and I both have day jobs that include about an hour train commute each way. So on weekdays, I need a plan! Especially if I want to do it all and still get to bed at a decent hour. If I plan the time to cook and workout, I don’t stress over not having enough time. This way I can make sure that we have time to do the things we have to (work), the fun things we love and live a healthy paleo lifestyle.

Menu and workout plan to be posted soon!

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