Sunday, September 25, 2011

Everybody's Doing It...

A lot of people are doing it.  I feel like I often read about people who are just beginning it.  On occasion, I have heard people cursing it.  And now, we are doing it too – a Whole30!

We are not new to challenges, back in February we completed our own 45 day paleo challenge.  The primary differences between our challenge and the Whole30 are that we included gluten-free alcohol and paleo substitutes (like ‘paleo pancakes’) on our list of acceptable foods.  These are foods that are not acceptable for the Whole30, which we are sticking to 100%!

Today is Day 14 of our Whole30 and so far so good! 

A few things about the Whole30 that make me smile:
  • I’m creating complete menu plans again, meaning I plan and try new recipes and everything tastes wonderful – and there are delicious leftovers for lunch!
  • I feel good, real good.  I am going to sleep early and waking up with lots of energy.
  • I feel leaner, that makes me happy.
  • Everyone around me at work is sick, I am not.
A few things that are challenging me:
  • I miss my occasional glass of wine.
  • I am realizing how most of our social gatherings focus on food and drink, and when I can’t have the food, I would normally at least have a drink – now I can’t have either and don’t know what to do.
  • We have eliminated our occasional cup of decaf coffee, I miss it.
Overall though, it feels great and I'm happy to be getting back to the basics!  Now I just hope that we don't get in trouble when we go to the bar to meet friends to watch football and only order waters.


  1. Hang in there, it's only for 30 days. I kept reminding myself during my last 30 days that it's only for 30 days!

  2. Thanks Shari! That's exactly what I keep telling myself. And reminding myself how good I feel ;-)

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