Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Macadamias, you make me smile.

Thanks to a recent Groupon offering (and my Groupon addiction), Ryan and I found ourselves with Groupon deals to the Nutty Guys.  So far we’ve received 3 orders from them and have been really pleased. 
Our current Nutty Guys stash includes:
  • Walnut meal – although trying to minimize nut flour use altogether, this should be a good alternative to almond meal
  • Macadamias! – so yummy, and a decent omega 3 to 6 ratio
  • Brazil nuts – to be eaten sparingly, bad omega 3 to 6 ratio, but packed with selenium
  • Unsweetened banana chips – good way to satisfy the occasional sweet tooth (these do make me consider getting us our own food dehydrator)
  • Chia seeds – Ryan just read Born to Run, and is going to experiment with Chia seeds, I am not yet well versed in the Chia seed (unless it is growing on pottery).
Overall Nutty Guys review:  It's a great resource because you can get just about any nut you want, and unsalted. It's been hard to find plain, unsalted macadamia and brazil nuts. Their pricing isn't always cheap, but it is still very competitive - and sometimes it is just cheap (big bags of walnut meal for $2!?!).  Over-all, we definitely recommend Nutty Guys for those hard to find nuts, seeds, and nut meal, but otherwise you might be better off just buying nuts at the store.

Our nut stash.

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