Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 3

The third day of our challenge came on an very cold day here in Chicago.  Mostly single digits, and consistently below zero with the wind chill.  Anytime the weather report mentions the term "Arctic Blast" you know it's time to break out the long undies.  Good thing we had warm meatballs and coffee in to-go mugs already prepared.

Thoughts from Day 3:

  • We're sad to not be going to the gym because of a scheduled rest day, but also glad to not have to go back outside again.
  • Having pre-cooked breakfast and lunch already packed in Tupperware is a lifesaver at 6am.  No scramble to throw together a decent paleo lunch.
  • It's nice to listen to music while cooking.
  • Our calves are still sore from running in our Vibram Fivefingers for the first time last night.  
  • Running in Vibram Fivefingers felt surprisingly good.  So good in fact, it's hard to believe cushy running shoes ever rose to popularity.
  • We haven't made Salmon Cakes in months because it stinks up our apartment, but we made them tonight and they were super delicious.  So much so, that they are officially worth the stink, and back on the plan for future menus.
Bronko Nagurski #3
Chicago Bears

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