Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why 45 days?

Stacey's so easy. 

Uh...not like that.  Let's start over...

Stacey's so easy going.  When I first brought up doing a 45-day challenge, she was totally in without my having to sell it to her.  After several weeks of chatting about plans, she finally wondered aloud, "why are we doing 45 days and not 30 like all these other challenges?"  Coolly, I spat out a few reasons and they seemed to make sense, but to be perfectly honest, I had no idea.  It just sounded like a good number.  Somehow she bought whatever line of reasoning I had, but then I had to ask myself:  why 45 days? Why not 30? Or 50?

Here's the logic:
1) 30 days is too short, but somehow the number 50 is an intimidating commitment.
2) Without any science behind this, we figure the first 2 weeks will be like some sort of detox period.  Being fully detoxed, we can then begin our traditional 30 day challenge.
3) Neither of us sees the paleo diet as a fad diet, but it's really more of a lifestyle choice.  The extra days beyond 30 shouldn't be too different than how we want to be living anyway.

And some (IL)logic:
1) In 30 days, it'll still be winter, but in 45 days...well, it'll still be winter here in Chi-town, but hopefully not still make-you-curse-because-it's-so-@#$%ing-cold winter.
2) 30/2=15 and 15X3=45.  There's some sort of mathematical symmetry here.  That helps somehow.
3) When Michael Jordan returned to the NBA he sported number 45.  23 days is just not long enough.  Sorry MJ.

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