Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paleo Camping

I don't camp often, but every time I do I can't seem to shut up about how much I love camping, and how I'm going to do it so much more often.  Well, our camping trip up to Mirror Lake Wisconsin last weekend was no different.  A few highlights:

  • We lucked out and found a window of perfect weather in between a lot of Summer rain.
  • We officially went for our first hike in our Vibram FiveFingers.
  • We wore our Vibram FiveFingers too much over a 2 day span and had to tie them up in a trash bag coming home because they reeked! (I even wore socks in them all weekend, but the repeated dry to damp to dry to damp without taking them off was enough to stink 'em up)
  • We can grill meats to perfection even without a spotless new grill (our fire pit grill grate was pretty run down).
  • Last but most certainly not least, mosquitoes love paleo blood and we were feasted on!
The two of us left Mirror Lake with no less than 100 little mosquito bites, mostly around our ankles.  Despite the annoying bugs, I loved camping, I had so much fun, I will go camping more often.  For real this time.
Still lake during early morning hike

mosquito bite massacre


  1. Ouch. Your foot and ankle got it bad. Camping is worth it, even when you pay for it ;)

  2. So true, Audra. Unless I want to develop some sort of full body monquito net outfit, hmm...