Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Paleo Restaurant Review: Burger Bar Chicago

The quest to review restaurants in our neighborhood with paleo potential continues...bringing us on an unplanned evening out to Burger Bar Chicago.  As the name implies, this place is focused on their burgers - and accordingly, beer.  I'll take a good burger any day, but since going paleo beer has slipped to last place behind wine and liquor for me.

What we ordered:
Me - Belly Up Burger (grass-fed burger with cider braised pork belly, apple slaw and roasted onions) w/o bun, served with sweet potato fries and a glass of pinot noir.
Ryan - El Fuego Burger (grass-fed burger with jalapenos, pickled red onions, oaxaca and guacamole) w/o bun, served with sweet potato tater tots and a glass of pinot noir.

The Good:
  • Although all specialty burgers do not automatically come with grass-fed beef patties, the upgrade is only a buck.
  • The specialty toppings, read pork belly, are delicious.  Overall, the burgers were very good.
  • Wine for $6/glass - that's a deal in these parts.
The Bad:
  • Sweet potato fries were a disappointment, although utterly delicious, they were heavily coated in some type of breading.  I had a few before realizing this and then stopped eating them (although Ryan had no problem polishing them off).
  • Sweet potato tater tots were a disappointment, mainly because they just didn't taste very good - kind of like fried balls of sweet potato mush.
  • Not so bad, but definitely noticed, was our servers disappointment at our healthy choices - no bun?! none of our amazing craft beers?!  grass-fed??

Overall the burgers were awesome, sides - not so much.  If I get a hankering for a high class beer and burger while watching a ball game - I might go back. 

More than anything, testing out restaurants for paleo options makes me realize we are damn good cooks and I like my cooking more than most restaurants.  Must start working on own restaurant plan...

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