Sunday, May 29, 2011

FDA Fails Again!

USDA to replace the food pyramid with plate icon

Big news - the Food Pyramid doesn't work.

It didn't work in the past, so the FDA reformatted the pyramid to the "My Pyramid."  It appears that the My Pyramid doesn't work either, so now the FDA is reformatting again.  Oh, not reformatting the foods on the pyramid, but how it looks.  They're planning on presenting their SAD diet on some sort of plate diagram as opposed to a pyramid.  Apparently people were confused by the pyramid, causing them to make them make poor food decisions.  Now that the same foods will be splayed out on a plate, they hope people won't be confused anymore.  I wonder how long it takes before they realize that it's not how they present this, but what they're presenting that really matters.  I hope they didn't waste too many of my tax dollars on this embarrassing feint at an attempt to make a difference.  How about a little scientific research?  Better yet, how about listening to the scientific research that's already been done?  SAD

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