Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Staying Paleo on Vacation

Can it be done?  Eating paleo on vacation?

We're certainly going to try.  It shouldn't be too tough considering we're staying at my parent's house, but then again, we're expecting to eat out a fair amount too.  Eating out is a challenge, but after this weekend, I'm confident we'll be able to eat as paleo as possible.

This weekend, Stacey's parents took us out to eat, and after scrapping the toppings off of the bruschetta, and picking pork & meatballs out of the pasta dish, we were pressured into eating a couple bites of dessert - Chocolate-Chip Banana Bread Pudding with a Vanilla Gelato.  The first gluten we've ingested in over 2 months.  It was a tasty little treat, but as I was eating it I thought to myself "this doesn't taste worth it."  Of course it wasn't.  Almost immediately my stomach felt upset, and a little bloated.

Lesson learned:  gluten is not worth it.  I was actually cursing our free meal until about lunch the next day.  This experience is so fresh in our minds, I'm sure we'll approach every meal out with a certain level of apprehension.  No troubles passing on a Churro while at the San Diego Zoo.  That's right we're going to San Diego.

Now bring on the Vitamin D!

Winery in Temecula, CA

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  1. It's an interesting phenomenon to have people "pressure" you into eating something they KNOW you have decided not to eat. I've experienced that, too. But even in the old days, when I inwardly smirked a bit at people who said they didn't eat this or that, I would never remotely have considered pressuring them to. What we eat is a very personal thing, really, based on very personal decisions. It calls for a little respect!