Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10 Reasons NOT to eat Paleo

Eating Paleo really isn't all it's cracked up to be.  Here are 10 reasons NOT to eat paleo:

  1. You're significant other can't keep their hands off your butt.
  2. It's near impossible to hit on Dr. Sexypants because you're never sick anymore.
  3. You're Mom will say "you're too skinny" every time she sees you.
  4. The internal debate whether it's more ethical to give away your toaster, or simply just throw it in the trash feels impossible to resolve.  Why waste a perfectly good appliance?  Then again, why enable someone else's bad habits?  Ugh!  What to do?
  5. You have too much energy for sitting and watching your brand new flat screen.
  6. You're spice rack isn't big enough, and will overflow with new spices.
  7. It seems like everyone on Craigslist is seeking a BBW!
  8. Now when you drink coffee you feel like you can take on a bus (not safe).
  9. Your subscription to Women's Health Magazine feels like a waste of money.
  10. You will have to buy all new clothes and will likely have to cut extra holes in your belts.
If you can think of any other reasons, drop a comment!


  1. Coconut flakes stuck in your keyboard are negatively impacting productivity.

  2. You will need to buy two or five of everything (whisks, spatulas, knives) because you're cooking so much that what you need is always in the dishwasher.

  3. Becky, have you been in our kitchen? When all our dishes are clean, we pile up the extra knives, spatulas, etc. on top of our knife block. Definitely not enough room!

  4. Yeah, I think I said the eating out problem is the worst part of paleo, but I might change that to cooking burnout.

  5. Your cooking improved to the point that Hubby wants to move the TV and couch into the kitchen to be closer to his "food source."

  6. As far as getting rid of the toaster goes, I found that not eating bread any more has way more advantages--fewer condiments, less crap bought just to put ON bread (like lunch meats, sliced cheeses, jam, etc.), more counter space, less crap in the cupboards as backup for the bread addiction...and best of all, fewer dirty plates from sandwiches. Yep, out went the toaster, the waffle iron, and all the food that went with those appliances, and now I feel like I have my counters and fridge back--not to mention my food budget!

  7. Everyone will say "oh, you're too health conscious". Can you be too health conscious?