Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The last day of our paleo challenge!...and some chicago paleo restaurant options

It’s hard to believe it is already DAY 45, the last day of our paleo challenge!  This day finds me full of mixed emotions. 

On the one hand, I’m super excited we made it a full 45 days on our paleo rules, existing well within the limitations we set out.  For example, we had very little fruit and virtually no honey or other natural sweeteners – much less than the prescribed rules allowed.

On the other hand, I am scared!  I have been a meal planning machine for the past 45 days, and with the end of the challenge approaching, our last meal plan ended today.  Yesterday the thought of not having a planned paleo lunch pushed me over the edge and I planned out our meals for another week.  I’ve determined that I need to keep planning, the difference is that now the plan includes some scheduled restaurant stops.  These are restaurants that will provide some paleo options, if not paleo – at least ‘primal’ – for us that means potentially adding in some dairy.

We need to make sure to not let the restaurant meals over take the planned, home cooked meals.  We already have 2 nights of dining out scheduled for this week, partially due to just being able to!  But, these are very good paleo option restaurants.  If you ever find yourself in Chicago and in need of a paleo option, these should work:

  • El Barco Mariscos – specializing in serving an abundance of grilled seafood and meats served family style, also serve a great ceviche! (will be staying away from the sugar-filled margaritas this trip – maybe just go for some straight tequila!)
  • Old Town Social – specializing in charcuterie, they also have amazing specials (often involving delicious roasted meats).  At the very least, they serve a grass-fed beef burger topped with bacon and an egg – take it bunless and you’re good to go.
Complete 45-day Paleo Challenge, check.  Continue paleo lifestyle, working on it!

#45 - Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls (the second time)

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