Monday, February 21, 2011

Paleo Challenge...not so challenging?

Well, we are officially 2 weeks, or one third, of the way through our 45-day paleo challenge.  And we are basically rocking this sh*t out!  I have not had anything even approaching a food craving breakdown (not counting my vivid food cheating dreams), and over all - feeling great!  I did have a minor breakdown at the gym, when I decided I just wasn't doing one of the exercises Ryan had on our workout plan for the day.  But I blame that on general grumpiness and not the challenge.  I am working on always saying 'yes' at the gym.

Challenge highlights to date:
  • After about day 10, all general congestion has cleared up
  • Weight loss is not a goal for me on this challenge, however I did measure myself at the beginning to track how my body changed over the course of the challenge.  I've lost an inch on my waist, hips and thighs - seems like a lot for such a short time, but that's what the measuring tape says!
  • Sleep!  Sleep is amazing, we have our blackout blinds in full effect, focusing on 8 hours per night - and getting up for work has never been easier (although no matter how well rested I am, it can still be a challenge to leave the cozy warm cocoon of the bed!).
  • Barely drinking...we had some wine on Valentine's day and a couple glasses over the weekend.  But overall, not drinking much at all - which is refreshing (and makes weekend mornings so productive!
  • Meal planning and workout planning are awesome!  I feel like we have the time to do what we want, because we have made the time.
One third of the way there...maybe we need to make it longer! 

#14 - Ernie Banks, Chicago Cubs
(even though it is actually day 15 - I just don't have a good 15, and how do you pass up Mr Cub??)

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