Saturday, March 12, 2011

St. Patty's Day - Paleo Style


Yes, it's St. Patty's Day in Chicago.  Yes, it's 5 days early.  Yes, it's an all day event.  And yes, we've packed a paleo survival kit to help get us through the day.

Due to the large number of participants, the city typically throws its party the Saturday preceding the actual holiday.  This lends itself to day drinking and incomprehensible irresponsibility...or crazy good times.  A few highlights (awesome, stupid, or otherwise):
  • The river is dyed bright green.  It's fun to watch the dying boat snake down the river, but the river is already sort of green.  Ew.
  • The mythical St. Patty's day parade.  We've attempted to catch this parade several times, only to be distracted by Irish pubs along the way.  We've heard that it actually happens, but have no visual proof.
  • The actual St. Patty's day parade(s).  The "real" St. Patty's day parade occurs on the South Side, several weeks before March 17th.  This parade was so "real" it's been banned for 2 years now.  I now consider the thousands who take to the streets on their way to one of the thousands of green parties to be the real parade.
  • One of the best people watching days ever.  I see you drunk guy.  We all know it's not coffee under that Starbucks coffee lid.  Several people will either be wearing their liquid-coat, or are visiting from warmer climates and simply don't realize that despite it being March, it's still freezing here.  Some of these people are fun to gawk at, others just make me feel sorry for them.  
  • Green beer.  Not exclusive to Chi-town, and also pretty stupid.
  • Irish Music!  Always a delight.  Seemingly every bar & pub has some sort of live Irish music, and several will include a Riverdance troupe.  Such fun music!
  • Irish beer, Irish whiskey, corned-beef & cabbage, potatoes...not exactly paleo...
So we've already worked out, and are packing a St. Patty's Day survival kit.  To stay true to our challenge rules, we're going to stick to wine and acceptable liquors, and will get our drinking done early in the day.  We're going to eat lunch before meeting up with friends, and since we'll be around a lot of non-paleo food/drink we're bringing along some snacks to whip out in case we begin to have any cravings.  Here's what we've got:
  • Summer Snack Chips (chips made of Summer Sausage from Paulina Meat Market)
  • Coconut flakes
  • Larabars

When you are treading in paleo-unfriendly waters, what do you pack in your survival kit?

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